To apply you will need to bring a current I.D. proof of elegibility to work in the U.S. and current Guard Card certification. Any additional certifications such as baton certification or chemical agents certification is optional. Complete a application and submit to a drug test. If you do not have a guard card we offer classes monthly. Sign up today!

Job duties and tasks:

1) Patrol industrial and commercial premises to prevent and detect signs of intrusion and ensure security of doors, windows and gates.

2) Answer alarms and investigate disturbances.

3) Monitor and authorize entrance and departure of employees, visitors, and other persons to guard against theft and maintain security of premises.

4) Write reports of daily activities and irregularities, such as equipment or property damage, theft, presence of unauthorized persons, or unusual occurrences.

5) Call Police or Fire Department in case of emergency, such as fire or presence of unauthorized persons.

6) Circulate among visitors, patrons, and employees to preserve order and protect property.

7) During contracted events you are to fulfill clients specifications such as monitoring dance area, parking lot patrol, and bar area.